Deliciously Filling  Main Dishes!

What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t include some amazingly flavorful main dishes that will take cauliflower to the next level for you and your family?

Not a very good friend for sure, so here you go, my top 8 main dish recipes that showcase cauliflower. These recipes will range from warm and hearty soups for chilly nights to some family-style casseroles that you should make a part of your next meal plan!

Soups & Main Dishes featuring Cauliflower

Now..for desserts! Just Kidding, haha! Even though I am a super fan of cauliflower, I’m pretty sure not even I could get past the smell or taste of cauliflower in my dessert, so I wouldn’t do that to you guys.  Can you imagine?

 I hope you guys enjoy checking out these tasty recipes that I’ve featured in this Top 25 Low Carb & THM Cauliflower Recipes. 


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