• Absolutely Missy! I actually haven’t had a microwave for over 3 months now and do mine on the stovetop! It works perfectly. Just place the shredded cheese and cream cheese in a saucepan and over medium heat melt the cheeses stirring the whole time. Once the cheese is all melted and the cream cheese is all mixed in then remove it from the burner and add your dry ingredients and your egg. Mix it as good as you can with a spatula or spoon then once it has cooled off a bit use your hands to knead it like a dough. Just be careful in case it is still hot. I like to spray my hands lightly with cooking spray before I use my hands so the dough doesn’t stick to my hands. I hope that helps!

  1. Hi! I’m so glad I found your site and FB page. I’m just starting THM. I saw your cheese dough recipe and I wanted to make it and try the pinwheels. I’ve looked for the link to the video on how to make it that you mention and I can’t find it. Where can I watch your video? I was able to print the recipe and I can definitely follow that. I just thought it would help to see the video. Please let me know if it’s still viewable.

    Thanks so much!

  2. I recently made ricotta mushroom tarts with this dough and found that it was very easy to roll out after it was thoroughly chilled.

  3. BTW, your mixing bowl and small bowl set are adorable! I would definitely be more inspired to bake more if I had those 🙂

  4. After 2 tries of your Sausage Pinwheels recipe – which I love! – I still have trouble getting the dough to look like yours… dough comes out more crumbly and breaks when rolling up, though it seems evenly mixed. Do you think it matters if the cream cheese is NOT soft first before melting together?

    Mine seemed to get too rubbery before it was mixed together, but I didn’t want to go too far and cook it more, esp. once I added the egg and dry mix.

    I added the dry mix first then egg last, because I think the hot cheese mix will cook it too much – do you think the order matters?

    You also add BP/BS for the pinwheels – is this necessary?

    Appreciate any advice, because I would love for mine to work and look as smooth as yours! 🙂

    • Hmm, I have been thinking about this question for a few days Christine. I do usually start out with room temp cream cheese so it gets some and super easy to mix in with the cheese when it is melted. If you microwave the cheese to much that could cause the mixture to get drying and crumbly more. So try the very room temp cream cheese when melting the cheese together. Also, make sure you are using a large egg, sometimes I find that if I have a small egg it seems to be a little dry, but still should roll out okay. Does it roll out okay before you fill it or is it crumbly from the beginning? I have some videos over on my YouTube Channel where I make my dough and pinwheels if you want to take a look there too. I am a little stumped as I haven’t had these issues much, but I will continue to think about it to see if something else comes to mind why they are crumbly.

  5. Thank you for making a video. I’ve tried a cheese dough before and it was so sticky that it was all over my hands. It was very difficult to work with. Watching the video I can see the texture and I’m now looking forward to trying it. Thanks so much.

  6. Could you use psyllium husks powder in place of the oat fiber? I use it in my oopsie bread to make it firmer.

    • Hi Tracy, I haven’t’ tried it myself but you might be able too. I use psyllium husk powder a lot too in the rolls I like for us. If you give it a try, I would love to hear how it worked. You could also just leave the oat fiber out if you didn’t have it.

  7. Well. That sure looks good. I hope I can make it work. I’ve tried and tried to make some kind of cracker and although what I come up with will hang together, I usually never think it’s pic-worth. Your rings and pinwheels LOOK good. I hope I can say the same, when mine come out of the oven. Where have a been?! 😀

    • Hey Katharine! Good to see ya commenting. I appreciate the compliment. I bet you could make them just as good. I have a flax type cracker that I make but that is about all I have tried. I bake them then dehydrate mine for a couple days to make sure they get super crispy and stay that way, but they aren’t the prettiest lol.


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